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Review: Brisingr


Brisingr is the third book of ‘The Inheritance Cycle’ written by Christopher Paolini, published for the first time in 2008.

You need to have read the first two books of the series to make any sense of this one. This is not a stand alone book.

The story of Brisingr picks up immediately after the Drarth Vardar moment at the end of Eldest and reads like a continuation of same book. The book follows the adventures of Eragon, Roran and Nesuada as they finally take the fight to the empire.

Paolini’s writing style continues to improve in this book. Sadly his plot style continues to decline. And he doesn’t have the excuse of being fifteen anymore.

The two primary storylines follow Eragon as he fights in a war and plays at diplomat, and Roran as he tries his hand at being a military commander. The action scenes are fun to read, and that is the thing that makes the book enjoyable. The plot moves a lot faster than in the last book, but it moves perhaps a little too fast, and the way the storyline is organized is confusing.

The characters themselves react to life changing situations in a very one dimensional manner. It didn’t really show in the last two books, but this book brings it out.

This book is also moving away from the pg 13 range and moving into the grown up crowd. But it’s not quite there yet. Kind of like a 18 year old who has just gotten their high school diploma. No longer a kid, but not an adult either. Something you need to be aware of, this ain’t a kids book anymore.

I would recommend this book for a fan of the series who wants to find out how Eragon’s story ends. Otherwise you might find a hard time staying interested.

This book has good action and battle scenes however, and it’s possible for it to be a fun read if you read it for those and switch off your brain.