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Review: A Storm of Swords


This is the third book in George R R Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series, first published in the year 2000.

This is a great book, just as much a page turner as the previous ones.

You won’t be able to understand the events of this book unless you read the other two however,while you might still enjoy the story, you will miss out on the plot.

It is also not as much above the pg-13 mark as the previous two books, but still has plenty of scenes that aren’t for kiddies.

This book continues the civil war that started in the first book, though there are not as much battle scenes. The story is told mainly through the view points of Jon, Tyrion, Daenerys and surprisingly Jaime. In the far north, Jon strrugles to stop a wildling invasion, and in the capital, We watch Tyrion’s fall from power and position. Meanwhile in the east, for the first time Daenerys becomes more then a pawn in others games and enters the game as a player. And finally Robb proves to us that being a great general with the political savvy of a (Rather thick) log is not enough to make a good king.

This book continues the Martin tradition of gripping characters, total lack of plot armor (Anyone can die) and sudden plot twists. Martin seems to delight in changing the game at the last second and snatching triumph away from his characters. But this is what makes him such a good story teller.

In this book he also offers insight into characters we may have judged in the previous books, showing that there really are no heroes and villains in this story, there are only people who were shaped by their circumstances.

I would recommend this book to any fan of the series and anyone who likes reading fantasy books. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.