Review: Inheritance


This is the final book of ‘The Inheritance Cycle’ by Christopher Paolini, published in 2011.

You need to have read the previous books of the series to make sense of this one. This is not a stand alone book.

This book concludes the story of Eragon that began three books ago.

The story of Inheritance starts a short while after the conclusion of the last book and jumps straight into a battle scene. This sets the pace for the entire book. Things move fast, one battle is over, the next battle begins. The view point jumps between multiple fronts. Even when Eragon must go on a side quest to learn the last piece of knowledge he needs to win it is done in a hurry.

And the conclusion of the book happens just as suddenly, all of a sudden a plot twist has the main characters confronting the Emperor Pal, sorry Galbathorix and another plot twist finishes the fight.

I found the pacing too fast, I can see how someone else might find it engaging. What I couldn’t find engaging was the way Paolini used magic to solve every little problem that cropped up on the road, even the last one. Magic has an important role in high fantasy, but it’s not a cheat code.

Not just the plot, but the characters themselves changed gears way too fast. The main heroine went from not interested to interested so fast one wonders if this is a manga with the obligatory tsundere. The kings and Varden leaders also seem to don new personalities in the last chapters with no buildup whatsoever.

This is also not a kids book anymore. There are scenes that put it firmly past the pg 13 range, just like the previous book.

I would recommend this book for a fan of the series who wants to find out Eragon’s story ends. It’s hard to follow unless you have read and like the previous books.


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